Ashley Bio

Art has always been a cornerstone in my life, moreover art has always been a constant in my life. My parents meandered to the west coast of Florida flipping houses; we were nomads in the modern world moving from place to place. This meant there were countless hours touring desolate houses and foreclosed residences--countless hours of monotonous tedium. Fun fact: almost every realtor I've ever met has carried a pen, and accompanying said pen there was always a property listing sheet with a blank side on the back. That 8.5" X 11" was my escape from the mundane, to create whatever I wanted. What I've gleened as a child artistically has been carried over into adulthood, and it's been art ever since. 

Being an inherently quiet person, visual art has always been a way for me to connect on a level other than verbally. I am not immune to awkwardly conversating and talking in puns. I find it easier through line, color, and form to communicate more effectively. I love creating things that speak for themselves, pieces that tell stories and talk on the human condition. We are all tenuously emotional creatures who revel in the brightest joy and wade through the deepest sorrow. We can feel this in ourselves and for others. What better way is there to where your heart on your sleeve that to get it tattooed there for all to see?

As I've come into the cusp of personal realization, grasping haphazardly at the notes of life for purpose- the siren's song of visual art has always lured me to her sinous, inky depths. It wasn't just about making something pretty to stick on a wall to collect dust. I didn't want anything I poured my heart into to become the graphic equivalent music. The answer to why I chose to TATTOO. To literally breathe life into everything I create. 

My goal as a resident artist, is to dedicate my all into the craft and always continue to improve my skill set, in the constant effort to encompass your personality, tell your story, and capture the highest level of aesthetic quality. I'm excited to get the opportunity to grow here at Modern Moose Studios and meet so many new people! So come by the studios and say, "howdy to ya, girl!" Let's make something AMAZING together.