Matt Bio

Hello my name is Matt Hamner,

Ever since a young age I was interested in art, I would draw pictures of my favorite superheroes or cartoon characters. I even drew tattoos on my younger brother with markers. As I got older I was attracted to the punk rock scene, I loved the style and the attitude and the uniqueness of it. Almost of the bands I listened to and looked up to were covered head to toe in tattoos which intrigued me. All my life I was told people with tattoos would never go anywhere in life, and here were a bunch of people who proved that wrong. They stayed true to themselves and their lifestyle and through hard work and dedication they became something, and I wanted to do the same. I love tattoos and art of all kinds and wanted to be a part of that lifestyle. The freedom to express myself and my art on other people's skin and the trust someone I don't even know puts in me to put a permanent piece of art on their skin, which will stay with them throughout life. There is no better compliment than that.